He knows best

hagia sophia / istanbul

When you can’t sleep at night ,
And the demons start coming ,
When all you feel is the silent cry of pain ,
All you crave is the blade to touch your skin,
All you can hear is your thoughts running wild,
All you want is everything to be okay,
All you think about is the need to end it,
You can’t find your way ,
You’re lost as ever,
Let’s remind ourselves that Allah is near ,
His help is near ,
His presence is all you need ,
His love is all you should feel.
And let’s strive to find that love ,
Even if it means dying in the journey of finding Him,
Because even to be able to seek Him is truly a blessing ,
As He’s forgotten by many ,
Too many.
And the fact that you still breathe ,
And you are still finding a purpose ,
A reason to smile ,
You are fighting the inner battle for Him
For His pleasure ,
Is truly a blessing upon blessing ,
Because my dear , Allah found in hardship,
Is Allah forever .
Is eternal love forever.
You still can’t sleep at night ,
You still crave the blade,
You still cry of pain,
You still want to end it ,
But you remember ,
That Allah is bigger ,
He’s greater and above ,
All of that.
He’s the one who gifts us with hardship ,
So that we find ease in Him,
So that we seek Him,
And in Him do we find true contentment.
Allah , don’t ever let me leave you ,
Don’t ever let me walk away from you ,
Always let me love You, forever.

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